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Finally Lisburn has something new and innovative to offer everyone!! Its exciting, new and fresh. Somewhere to escape to, your own little piece of heaven. With a Bronze Star Award from The Airtricity Garden Show Ireland Garden Festival, The Little Green Allotments can definitely help you create somewhere to escape to, your very own little piece of heaven.



Here at the Little Green Allotments I wanted to modernise Allotment Gardening as well as give you all something more, something to get excited about. I am very passionate that The Little Green Allotments is not just a growing space, not just an allotment so as to grow your own, but somewhere to have bags of fun both inside and outside of the allotment. So that is why I created not just a growing space but

a social space, a reflective place, a weekend space, a learning space, a lifelong space and much much more…